Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Note:-This is not complement or substitute for a standard book. This is written for assistance purpose only.

Students do have problem in understanding which or what method should be applied to solve a given particular question. They need to understand that it comes with lot of practice under a proper guidance. Under lack of supervision, sometimes they don't get to solution and they leave as it is , without finding the cause.
Here endeavours are taken  to arrange and solve questions in a systematic manner.
Here we will touch only those areas (trigonometry, algebra, calculus) where we usually get stuck.

Questions given here can be found in any normal higher secondary mathematics book but what important here, is the "Order Of Question" . Practice according to order and you will know its necessity as you practice.

Let's start with INTEGRATION
part 1

1.     ∫x0

2.     ∫x

3.     ∫x3

4.     ∫x5

5.     ∫x7

6.     ∫x2

7.     ∫x4

8.     ∫x6

9.      ∫x8

10.  ∫x10

11.   ∫xn

12.  ∫xn+1

13.  ∫xn+2

14.  ∫x2n

15.  ∫xn*n

Dont get 

confuse by simply seeing the question .Just practice them in the order ,slowly you would get to know why sequence of question is necessary